National Grammar Schools Association
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Grammars are popular with the UK public:

Opinion polls in the Midlands and South of England have shown overwhelming support for Grammar schools

They offer academic excellence, sporting achievement and community involvement, often sharing facilities and resources with the whole community.

Grammars make a significant contribution to education in the UK. And their popularity is reflected in the high demand for places.

Top Ten Reasons to Support Grammar Schools.
1. Grammars get results. Grammar schools continuously produce outstanding academic results at GCSE and A Level and continue to close the gap with the independent sector which is far better resourced.

2. Grammars are accessible to ALL families, not just those that can afford to pay for an independent school place.

3. Grammars are not elitist. These schools value pupils from all backgrounds and give considerable support to able pupils from less affluent homes.

4. Pupils at the top of the ability range need special provision. Grammar schools are specialist schools for the able child.

5. Government statistics and Inspection reports confirm that grammar schools are very successful in stretching more able pupils.

6. Every parent can decide whether or not their child takes an entrance examination to a grammar. It provides communities with choice and diversity.

7. Grammars are at the forefront of education innovation, whether in gaining specialist college status or adopting accelerated learning methods.

8. We should keep what works well. Opponents argue on social and political grounds, not educational ones. The educational needs of able children should not be sacrificed to outdated political ideology.

9. Mixed ability teaching is now discredited. Grouping by ability, whether through streaming and setting of through grammar schools provides education tailored to individual children's needs.

10. Finally, grammar schools raise standards in all schools in the locality. The wholly selective Northern Irish education system consistently produces outstanding results.