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PDF: Schools that work for everyone Government Consultation NGSA response

Sunday Express Article - Primary schools must teach all students to pass 11-plus - Website | PDF
PDF: Are Party Politics the Cause of Britain�s Educational Decline?
SCHOOLS WEEK - Comment on the Department of Education definition of Coasting
PDF: Belfast Address at Book Launch with Robert McCartney Q.C.
PDF: An Address by Robert McCartney Q.C.
PDF: Grammar Schools in the Twenty-first Century
A Retrospective Summary, 2012
August Update
Report on grammar schools is ‘deeply flawed’
NGSA Briefing
GSHA: the things they say
The Comprehensive Failure
Duplicity in Northern Ireland.
Playing politics with an excellent school
Letter to David Cameron MP
A world-renowned brand: why grammar schools must be supported
Article by the Chairman, May 2008
Statement from the National Grammar Schools Association (NGSA), 25 May 2007
Keynote Speech by the Rt Hon Michael Howard MP to the NGSA Conference
Memorandum on Admissions to the Parliamentary Select Committee
Frequently Asked Questions about grammar schools
Case Studies
Polls show Majority Support for Grammar Schools
Grammars are popular with the UK public