National Grammar Schools Association
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Latest news and comment    (30th June 2009)

''Debating selection' by Matthew d'Ancona, The Spectator, 23 June 2009. A report on The Spectator debate sponsored by the NGSA.  The motion, 'Grammar Schools Are Best', was carried by a large majority

'Bring back grammar schools to help the poor, says David Davis', Daily Mail, 24 June 2009 

'Bringing back the grammar school is the only way to give poor children a chance. And I should know!'by Andrea Kon, Daily Mail, 24 June 2009

'David Davis is right. Bring back grammar schools!' by Harry Phibbs, Daily Mail, 24 June 2009

'Bec Grammar gave this kid with scuffed shoes chances he had never dreamed of. That's why we must bring back these inspiring schools' by David Davis MP, Mail on Sunday, 28 June 2009

'Tories refuse to learn their grammar' by Simon Heffer, The Daily Telegraph, 26 June 2009

"'Dirty tricks' to kill grammars" by Hilary Douglas, The Sunday Express, 28 June 2009

'Go on Mr Davis, be a rebel... Our most principled Tory must stop talking in code if he wants to expose the Etonian smoothies in charge' by Peter Hitchens, The Mail on Sunday,  28 June 2009