National Grammar Schools Association
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Latest news and comment, July 2009

So now we know where they stand – and it's not on the side of grammar schools!
"Before its official launch, the new [Grammar Schools Heads Association] had already been working with the Sutton Trust and holding meetings with the Department for Children, Schools and Families...  Mr [Shaun] Fenton [Head of Pates Grammar School] said the launch of the association was not timed with an eye on a general election within the next year. He said it would not be campaigning to save schools, such as St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar in Slough, Berkshire, that are slated for closure. ‘We support grammar schools as part of a diverse provision of education’, Mr Fenton said. ‘But if it works locally for a grammar school to become an academy [which must be comprehensive], that is a decision to be made locally. Gradual evolution is fine.'"
(Times Educational Supplement, 3 July 2009, p10)

Grammars: working class pupils' last hope.
Comprehensives have led to apartheid in education, where a child's chances are determined by a postcode lottery, writes Stephen Pollard
(Times Educational Supplement, 10 July 2009, p35)