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Latest news and comment, October 2009

Early starts for the children desperate to pass their 11-plus. Private tutors are now dedicating themselves to ensuring that children win a grammar school place. Observer, 11 October 2009

State-school competition is sparking a tuition frenzy. Daily Telegraph, 10 October 2009.
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The findings show that of the 1,341 with known UK school backgrounds, 42 per cent [of top scientists], or 557 people, went to fee-paying schools. This despite the fact that the independent sector educates just 7 per cent of children. Some 58 per cent were educated in the state sector, including 43 per cent who went to selective grammar schools. Daily Telegraph, 7 October 2009.

Record numbers of children are competing for grammar school places as recession-hit parents abandon hopes of private education. The National Grammar Schools Association has revealed a rise in the number of youngsters taking the 11-plus this autumn. Daily Mail, 3 October 2009.

Grammar school applications soar. Daily Telegraph, 3 October 2009

Andrew Grant, Chairman of the Headmasters' and Headmistresses'  Conference (HMC) has condemned David Cameron's plans to open Swedish-style 'free' schools as 'unrealistic'  because the  Conservatives refuse to allow academic selection. Daily Mail, 2 October 2009.

Ed Balls yesterday launched a fresh assault on selective education by holding grammars responsible for failing neighbouring schools... Mr Balls's claims came despite recent research from Durham University which failed to find evidence of grammars causing 'collateral harm' to other schools. Daily Mail, 23 September 2009.